Sister Circle Group Sessions

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 Sister Circle Group Sessions

Nicole Bright would love to help you and your circle of friends heal from divorce. Her Sister Circle Sessions are designed for you and 2-to 4 of your closest friends to gather in a supportive group environment to work together through the healing process. Nicole Bright provides a safe space for everyone to come together and support each other as she guides you to a place where you can reflect, release and heal from your pain after divorce. The Sister Circle Group has sessions once a week for seven weeks. Please review below a summary of what to expect each week.


Week One: A seminar on Nicole Bright’s 12 steps to restoration after divorce. Nicole breaks down every step in detail and explains why each step is important and how to recognize if this is an area you might be struggling in. The objective of this session is for you to analyze yourselves to determine which step(s) your group would like to select.


                Homework: Select the step(s) your group would like to work on.


Week Two: Group discussion on why each person selected this step(s) to work on. Discuss any feelings pertinent to the step(s) selected. This session will shed light on what happened and why this step(s) is a struggle in your life today.


Week Three Continuing in-depth discussion about the step(s) the group has chosen. Nicole Bright will outline different methods you can use to overcome. I will help each person select a method that is best for them.

                 Homework: Each group member will be given different directions depending on the method that was chosen.


Week Four:  PART ONE of, ONE ON ONE MOMENTS. Each participant will have a one-on-one moment in the group to share. Which could consist of sharing a journal entry or excerpts from a peace log or doing a guided meditation with me, these moments will vary with each participant. As a person steps out and shares a part of themselves it is our responsibility to give love and support to our fellow sisters and I will guide each sister on her experience. As each sister goes through her process not only does she learn and grow but those around her also do.




Week Six: A session of evaluation. We will focus on what we have learned as group and individually.


Week seven: I will provide each sister with a plan of action in order to maintain the progress and to help you move forward toward total healing. There will also be space for each sister to encourage the other. 


Congratulations once the seven weeks are complete you will have these benefits.


  1. You are aware of your conflict(s) through the step(s) your group chooses to work on. 
  2. You have faced those conflicts.
  3. You have to learn different tools and skills to work through your conflicts.
  4. Lastly, we have come up with a plan to maintain your growth.


The next step is to choose where you are going from here. There are two choices.


  1. Take away all that you have learned and continue to work on the plan to maintane your growth.
  2. Start one on one coaching sessions for further assistance.


 In conclusion, please take time and make the best decision for yourself. Remember I am always here to help you at whatever level you choose. Whether it be through reading one of my books or taking my masterclass please always keep me in mind for your personal growth development.


                                                      -Nicole Bright-



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