Nicole Bright’s 12- week Lost in Life one-on-one divorce coaching package

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This package is created for people with divorce trauma which is, a deeply distressed emotional response to the legal dissolution of a marriage. The objective is to work through your feelings early on and not allow them to fester. Nicole Bright helps you cope with your relationship being over, and supplies support as you navigate to your new normalcy. She will deal with three of the biggest questions that come to mind after a marriage has ended. Why is my marriage over, Who am I without this relationship, and how do I move on? Nicole Bright will deal with these three questions and much more. She will also examine the three spaces of time, past, present, and future. Although this package is well structured to help newly separated individuals, Nicole Bright does recognize that each situation is different. Therefore if needed this package may be altered and tailored for you. Therefore, any of the following is subject to change depending on your individual needs. 


WEEK 1. Your Story, this session is designed for you to talk about yourself and your pending divorce. 


WEEK 2. Part 2 of sharing Your Story, Nicole Bright and you will continue to focus on you and your pending divorce. 


WEEK 3 DREAM & GOALS, this session will be focused on YOU. Nicole Bright will have an in-depth conversation with you about your dreams and goals. She will help you explore all the possibilities that are ahead in your new life. DARE TO DREAM AGAIN!


WEEK 4.  Assessment, Nicole Bright will discuss all the information she has collected as a result of listening to your story and your dreams and goals. She will give you her thoughts on what direction the coaching process needs to take. You two will have an open and honest conversation regarding where you have been, where you are right now, and where you want to go. You two will come to an agreement, so Nicole Bright can make a personalized plan of action. 


Week 5. PLAN OF ACTION, Nicole Bright will discuss the plan of action in its entirety, for the past, present, and future. Then she will focus on the first area of change, which is the past. Nicole Bright and you will discuss what her assessment is as far as what you have to overcome from your past. Therefore she will set you up with tools and exercises to help you overcome the past trauma of your marriage.


WEEK 6. REVIEW THE PAST, You will reflect more on what happened, so Nicole Bright can fine-tune methods to help you. You will also review how the tools and excises are working for you and Nicole Bright will make any adjustments if necessary.


WEEK 7. (PART 2) REVIEW THE PAST, Continue to share the results of tools and excises you have been practicing daily. Introduce tools for the present space of time. Nicole Bright will give you the in-depth plan of action for your present space in time.


WEEK 8. REVIEW THE PRESENT, Check in with Nicole Bright on how your tools and excises are going. Nicole Bright would like to get you to a place where the past enriches your life and does not hinder it.


WEEK 9. (PART 2) REVIEW THE PRESENT, Nicole Bright will continue to review the results of how the excises and tools are working for you. There will be adjustments made if needed. You will also have a conversation about the reality of( NOW), your present state. Connecting the past to the present and then start planning for the future. Nicole will help you plan your future based on your past and present experiences, You all will talk strategy.


WEEK 10. PLAN THE FUTURE, Nicole Bright will continue to help you plan your future based on your past, and present life experiences with consideration to your dreams and goals, you all will review your strategy and add or take away from it depending on what is necessary.


WEEK 11. (PART 2) PLAN THE FUTURE, The most productive future is a planned future! Nicole Bright will continue to help you lay the foundation and build on it. As you complete a plan for the future.


WEEK 12. FINAL SESSION, Nicole Bright will use this session to reiterate any critical facts and answer any questions. She will wrap everything up for you. Her final action will be to discuss the three questions. Why is my marriage over, Who am I without this relationship, and how do I move on? The goal is for you to answer them.


 In Conclusion;

     These 12 weeks have laid the foundation for your healing process. It has allowed you to talk about your feelings so things do not fester. You have been able to tell your story, which gives you a voice in your situation.  You have unlocked feelings you did not know existed. You have also studied your past and present so you can set up your future the way you desire. This 12-week package has put you on the right path. Therefore you are ready to use all that you have learned to continue to learn and grow. The time that you have spent with Nicole Bright is a great step in the right direction and you are ready to move on independently. Although if you feel like you need more support Nicole Bright does have other packages to choose from that will take a closer look for a more clear understanding of your, past, present, and future. She also offers a 6-week package for each, as well as her, Happily Ever After Divorce package. It is a 5-week package that she offers after you get divorced. All these resources and more are at your disposal. Please keep in contact with Nicole Bright and let her know how she can be of service to you. 


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