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How A Life Coach Can Help You Thrive After Divorce

How A Life Coach Can Help You Thrive After Divorce

Divorces are hard. The whole process is difficult and emotionally draining. If you are going through a divorce, you need someone who can stand by you and be your support system through the ordeal. As an experienced life coach, Nicole Bright is that support system. She...


Whenever I am feeling down, I use optimism to encourage me. I envision a time when I will be standing in front of thousands of people sharing my massages. I think about all the people that are waiting for me to lead them to success. At the moment things might not be...

Are you a Robot

I personally feel so much better with goals present in my life! I wake up with an idea of what I want to accomplish. But I realize sometimes we get stuck in life just going through the motions. When this happens you can be in danger of losing sight of what you were...


I have been thinking about my regrets recently. We all have things in our past that we wonder about. Did I make the right decisions. Maybe I would be further along in life if I had made better choices. And I have come to the conclusion that yes, that is true. I would...

Nicole’s BLOG: 3 signs that you are Complacent.

(Being complacent is when you have become overly content.) You are not taking on new challenges. You have no plans to advance in your life.You are satisfied where you are. Can you add to this list? Please comment belong to help...

Self esteem

Do not allow what you did in the past to affect how you feel about yourself in the present. 


There is hope, peace, and redemeption in brokenness. Be new again through brokenness!

Life coach

I am your unofficial life coach. No matter if you watch me on youtube, read one of my books or come to a Nicole Bright event. All paths lead to me coaching you to your right path!