life Coaching

life Coaching

Three one on one coaching packages

Package 1: Resoration after divorce

12 steps to restore your life after divorce. One on one life coaching sessions that will guide you through the process with an end result of resoration. Which will take you through 90 days of healing from your old life and usher in your new life with focus and clairty. We will meet once a week and gain insight on where you are now and where you want to be and therefore work together to develope a plan with goals to empower your life. This will be the beginning of your new life.

Package 2: Lost in life

This package is designed for you to rediscover who you are and your purpose in life. Through meeting once a week for 90 days we will work together to redirect your life to line up with your passions. You will feel more confident about where your life is going.

Package 3: Lost in life (Bonus)

In addition to rediscover who you are and your purpose in life. Through meeting once a week for 90 days. You will also recieve my masterclass Reveal you. Which will start your journey off with reconnecting with God. The bonus package is designed for you  to reconnect with God, self and purpose.
One-On-One Coaching Packages
Nicole Bright is a personal transformational coach. She specializes in restoration after divorce and self discovery.

12 steps to restoration after divorce.

I would not be honest if I told you that I believed moving on after a divorce was simple and easy. Its due to my personal road through these processes that Im certified to offer this course.
Let my experience promote your healing by addressing these difficult but necessary topics. You can revise your future!!
*Process Your Emotions
*Target Facts of the Break Up
* Loneliness
*Rediscovering Yourself
*Stable Support System
*Redirect Fault
*Recognize & Disable Numbing Agents

Lost in life

Sometimes in life we feel like we have gotten off coruse. You are watching everyone else build their dreams while you are standing on the side lines.  Your hopes have faded away because some where along the way you have stopped prosuing them. You have lost who you are. My one on one coaching will help you find that direction you have been so desperately looking for. You will reconnect with self and purpose.  I am here to help you become in control of your life again. You will no longer be just surviving and not living. Lost in life, will help you live life more abundantly.

Sister Circle Group Sessions

Nicole Bright would love to help you and your circle of friends heal from divorce. Her Sister Circle Sessions are designed for you and 2-to 4 of your closest friends to gather in a supportive group environment to work together through the healing process. Nicole Bright provides a safe space for everyone to come together and support each other as she guides you to a place where you can reflect, release and heal from your pain after divorce. The Sister Circle Group has sessions once a week for seven weeks. Please review below a summary of what to expect each week.