Identity crisis will challenge you to sit down and explore who you truly are.

About The Author

Nicole Bright is a transformational speaker and Life coach. She is also the author of the two part book series Identity Crisis,”Knowing who you are” and The Season of you. She writes with the intent for people to focus on themselves so they  evaluate their lives. Her whole purpose through all her services including her  weekly YouTube show called, On the right path with Nicole Bright is to promote positive change with in people lives. 

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Nicole Bright is offering a webinar called,  Discovery your true self. This class is based off her first book, Identity Crisis,”Know who you are”. It is an in depth study of finding your place in life. Click below for more information.

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Nicole Bright would love for you to join her at one of her up coming events. Begin your journey on your right path today.  Sign up now to sit in one of these seats!

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