Nicole Bright

Transformational Speaker

Nicole Bright has a passion for personal growth. She is an entrepreneur that has constructed a business with the purpose of providing personal growth services. Her three tier services include her books, personal transformational coaching and transformational speaking events. Nicole’s message is focused on her clients decluttering, organizing their lives so they can have clarity to pursue a purpose driven life. She enjoys one on one sessions with her clients so she can personally uplift them and help them accomplish goals to lead them to their purpose. Nicole loves to write and has created books that focus on change and self improvement.  The services that Nicole Bright provides allow her to fulfill her purpose. God has given her a heart to provoke change in everyone she comes in contact with. She has also developed a YouTube page called on the right path with Nicole Bright so she can impact even more lives across the world. Her goal is to help as many people as she can get on the right path to their purpose.

  • Transformational Speaking
  • Author
  • Personal transformational coach