Nicole Bright is a divorce coach and transformational speaker, and she is passionate in helping each of her clients become the best versions of themselves. If you are interested in support after a divorce or want to be more aware of your own self disovery and your path in life, Bright is here to guide you in the right direction! If you are interested in working with Bright one-on-one, start your journey today!

Rediscover Your Passions

Have you ever lost sight of what you’re truly passionate about or how to achieve those passions you know you have? If so, Bright wants to help you rediscover whatever those might be! Her sessions are aimed at helping clients discover who they are.

Relearn Your Purpose in Life

There can be many bumps in the road that have put you on a path where you no longer feel like you know your purpose in life. Bright strives to help you restore your confidence through her 90 day coaching program.

Gain Insight of Your Goals

Bright is motivated and eager to help you discover and achieve your goals in life! Sometimes we need a little redirection to get us back on course, and Bright is ready to help you find your confidence so your life can be filled with purpose and fufillment.

Heal From Your Divorce

If you have gone through a divorce, you most likely understand the healing process is not always linear. Bright’s coaching package offers 12 steps to restore your life after divorce, and she hopes to help you discover the clarity you need to start living for the future.

Nicole Bright helps coach her clients to help them come out the other side of their personal journey, whatever their goals might entail. As a transformational coach and speaker, Bright connects with her clients and guides them to fulfillment so they can have a bright future. Find a life coach today!