I have been thinking about my regrets recently. We all have things in our past that we wonder about. Did I make the right decisions. Maybe I would be further along in life if I had made better choices. And I have come to the conclusion that yes, that is true. I would be in a better place if I had made better choices. But we must all give ourselves a break. Because we all are different people because of what our past has taught us. We are wiser now so of course we understand that those decisions were not the best. You are in a good place if you can look back and understand where you went wrong. I personally understand where I went wrong. When I decided to dim my light. When I felt like I was not worth anything, when I let my low self esteem control every area of my life. I did not realize at the time how awesome I was. I regret allowing myself to be taken advantage of and that is a lesson learned. I will never allow anyone to devalue me again. Through my regrets I have learned my short comings and I am able to correct them. Therefore as I move on as a more confident women I admit my regrets and use all I have learned in order to reset my life. My life is different because I truly understand the past and why it has brought me to the place I am at today. Because I understand why I made certain decisions, I can make better ones in the future. Please share your regrets and explain how you have moved on. We all need to learn from one another. So share and reveal so we can all heal.