Whenever I am feeling down, I use optimism to encourage me. I envision a time when I will be standing in front of thousands of people sharing my massages. I think about all the people that are waiting for me to lead them to success. At the moment things might not be going well but by using optimism, I know that I am working towards something great. I visualize it and get excited about my future. We all need optimism to keep us going when things seem bleak. When we are unsure if we are going to accomplish our dreams. Start visualizing your future now and let optimism bring it to your present. You will see what you are able to accomplish if you will continue to work on your goals. When you are standing right in your dreams, how will you feel? What do you see for your future? Take time to write your dreams in the comments below. Let’s encourage one another to never give up! I can do it, you can do it, we can do it!

Nicole Bright