Reveal You Master class

Hi, this is Nicole Bright and I would like to personally invite you to join my master class Reveal You. I will take you on a journey of self discovery. You will gain understanding of who you are and how you have become the person you are today. Your past will be examined, so you can work in the present to change your future. This is the time for true change and Reveal You master class will be the begining of the new you. Register today and experience all God has for you.



Reveal You Master class

Are you feeling lost and unsure of your purpose in life? Do you feel like you have lost touch with your identity? My masterclass and one-on-one coaching services combination can help you find your way. In my masterclass, you will learn step-by-step techniques for finding your identity and discovering your purpose in life. But we don’t just stop there. Our coaching services are designed to help you implement what you learned in the masterclass, so you can start living the life you were meant to live. With personalized one-on-one coaching, we can help you stay on track and achieve your goals. Don’t let confusion and uncertainty hold you back any longer. Sign up for our masterclass and coaching services combination package today and take the first step towards a more fulfilling life!

Nicole Bright






Nicole Bright, does events everywhere. Join her at an event near you! Discovery the right path to your true destiny!


Nicole Bright, author of Identity Crisis, “Knowing who you are”. Also her long a waited follow up book due out the fall of 2021. Called, The Season of You which is part of a two part series. Her two books focuses on awakening the true you! So you can walk on the right path you were created to walk on.


Nicole Bright is a personal transformational coach. She specializes in two areas. The first area is, the 12 steps to restoration after divorce.  And the second area is how to become in control of your life through self discovery.


Transformational Speaker – Author -Personal transformational Coach


Identity crisis challenges you to explore who you truly are. By asking the question is the person who you are today the person God created you to be? Explore how you became who you are today. Identity Crisis will help you connect with your true self.


Nicole Bright is currently booking events. Please put in your request below. Thank you for your inquiry, we will be in touch.


Nicole Bright is currently booking events. Please put in your request below. Thank you for your inquiry, we will be in touch.

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